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Good Ideas start with Brainstorming!

Great Ideas start with Coffee!

In times were it seems that every idea around food and drinks is already developed, we go back to the most simple but important fact…

You don`t have to serve fancy or complicated masterpieces in an outstanding designed habitat, just good food & drinks from fresh ingredients served with love in a warm place!


we love…

high-quality food, first-rate coffee, tea and juices, freshly made bagels and cakes, ice-cream and other delights!

New trends like „vegan“ and „organic“ will find a new home with us and invite you to enjoy.

Our world…

is green – from matcha-tea and green smothies to vegeterian bagels. All products are beeing bought, processed and served freshly.
That is how you can enjoy without any concern and not only do something good for the enviroment, but also for you and your health.

Cankarjevo nabrežje 15
1000 Ljubljana–Slovenia

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